Tips on Becoming an Art Director

By | December 1, 2016


In any field, the art director has a wide range of artistic responsibilities used for production. The director oversees everything from the size and construction of a set to the smallest details. Therefore, one must possess structural insight of an architect and interior design skills that will result in desired and quality work. The following are tips on Becoming an Art Director .

The initial step of becoming an art director is by developing the artistic skills. This can be achieved through attending art classes, interior design classes, computer-aided drafting and architectural design. All these courses are offered in many colleges at different levels. Furthermore, you also need your devices ready. The basic tools such as the pencil, eraser and a notebook should be within your reach all time.

Search for recommendations about things you want to draw. Identifying your area of specialization is very important. What are the things that you will be drawing? For instance, if you will major on animals, visit any zoo and try to sketch your favorite pet or animal. You could be interested in drawing anime, identify a manga and take a look on the illustrations. Landscapes can also serve you well, try to sketch one or two beautiful landscapes or just start by sketching your own garden. Always try as much as you can to perfect your art.

Apprentice with an experienced art director-Another important tip is working with an experienced art director. Learning from an experienced art director will supplement what you have gained from attending classes and definitely enhance the quality of your work. Try to identify the most experienced director In your area, send your cover letter and resume plus the portfolio and inquire whether he/she can accept an intern. You should not focus on monetary returns but improvement on your skills.

Get practicing- To be a perfect art director, you need to do enough practices, remain focused and determined. Start with easy sketches and climb up the ladder to the complex ones. At least sketch two photos a day to better your skills. Furthermore, more drawings will expose you to other essential things you could not have learnt in class.

Experiment on colors and integrate them with your illustrations-As you continue practicing, try to integrate some colors on your experiments. For instant, you can draw in red; add a bit of yellow and a tint of black to make it look glisten. By so doing, you will understand what kind of coloring that suit your designs best.

Self-Reflect Often- Look at yourself and evaluate all your strengths and weaknesses. Work towards improving on your strengths and fixing your weaknesses. Ensure all the skills you have learnt helps you deliver quality works for your clients and boosts your image before the public. Always try to be unique in your work to take a competitive advantage against your competitors. Finally market yourself well. You cannot get clients if nobody knows what you are best in. Display your designs in public and provide appropriate contact information of you or your company.


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