6 Artistic Tips to Decorating Your Home for a Glittery Look

Whether you own a modern or traditional home, decorate it creatively with art décor items for enhanced appearance.

Decorate a full-fledged artistic style indoors or simply add a few things here and there for an artistic touch.

Choose strategic places in your home to add the small Art Deco touches. You are ranging from hanging a large decorative mirror on the wall of your bedroom to a room with a dark painted wall. Your home can easily transform in appearance.

For an elegant and decorative home, add trims and moldings. Replace your bathroom tiles with geometric patterns or add sleek aluminum for your stairway railing to add simple yet powerful touches.

Digital photos and books can inspire the décor, structure, or buildings and the actual Art Deco of your home.

Working on a tight budget?

You can easily improve the design and appearance of your home in less time. Revamp your entire space for an on-trend, fresh, refined, and timeless look, or simply add colorful light bulbs, an accent wall or throw pillows; you can give your home an attractive artistic look.

Here’re ways you can make small changes in your home to attain your desired looks indoors.

Top 6 Tips to Decorating Your Interior Space Using Artistic Items

1. Create dramatic walls

Artistic homes are dramatic, especially when dark interior wall paints are used to make bold statements.

However, brighter colors can make your interior space look brighter and larger. Go for dark green, navy, or black colors to make an impact.

Dark, rich, warm colors are perfect for making small rooms appear larger. You also feel confident. In case you don’t want to paint your walls, patterned wallpaper with large prints would do.

Removable wallpaper, new paint jobs, and decorative gold wall accents can complement your existing décor, bringing out your wall colors.

2. Repurpose used water softeners

Compare the various water softeners on the market to find specific ones that meet the requirement to soften your hard water.

Use old water softener containers to ensure you have no problems, such as lack of a dustbin. Use old containers as trash holders.

Paint the surfaces of the containers to complement your interior décor.

3. Incorporate polished metals for a rustic touch

Metallic decorative pieces were typical of homes in the 1920s, explaining why polished looks are an integral aspect of artistic homes.

Metals were mass-produced in the era, and homes then featured reflective elements in their decors.

Install decorative gold light wall fixtures and a large mirror on your wall to make a bold statement. Instead of outlets and register and switch covers, add ornate metallic art pieces to your interior space to harmonize everything.

You can also add a large floor lamp to make a statement.

4. Install checkered bathroom and kitchen flooring

Bathrooms and kitchens in artistic homes take on bold colored paint or patterned flooring. The dramatic contrast between black and white made white and black tiles popular.

Large patterned flooring in white and black add simple yet elegant looks indoors. Choose small tiles in geometric patterns to revamp the look of your kitchen and bathroom.

Alternatively, install the tiles on your shower subway tile or kitchen backsplash for a similar effect.

5. Buy lavish fabrics for better feel and look

Lavish materials and fabrics can improve how your home feels and looks. They give your home a class or wealth in appearance. They also make your home more comfortable and stylish.

Luxurious materials render homes livable, soft, and attractive. This strikes a balance among elegance, modernism, beauty, and sophistication.

What’s more, you don’t have to spend lots of money to access luxurious and cost-effective fabrics. Add velvet into your curtains and furniture pieces for a luxurious look.

Buy faux fur pillows and throws to place on your accent chairs and couches, completing the look of your artistic home.

6. Add eccentric furniture for mid-century modern and minimalist touch

Early 20th-century furniture and streamlined shapes also define artistic homes. Look out for straight edges and lines to give your home a modern touch.

Just like a master bedroom ornate headboard, add small details for a stylish look. Let it blend with your existing décor.

Make a statement with an animal print area rug to lure the attention of your guests. Exotic printed fabrics and other eccentric shapes and patterns can transform your interior space into a dream home.


Some artistic décor items date back to the 20th century; may appear out of place, making your home industrial and modern. Start small and take your time to transform your home into a dream haven.