8 Surprising Facts About Designing Your Kitchen

It’s the dream of every homeowner to have a glittery look of their kitchen.

As you build, you may run short of funds and only opt to do basics to help you move in the house. While in it, you are now capable of designing your dream kitchen.

Although the process is tiring, it’s rewarding at the end of it. In case you bought a home with an old kitchen model.

Remodeling is still an option to achieve your goal. What do you need to know about designing your kitchen?

1. It’s a worthwhile investment

Did you know that the quality of kitchen material determines the value of a house?

The simple plumbing and kitchen appliances can cost you a dime, but at the end of the operation, you’ll love the returns.

Anytime you want to sell the home, the kitchen will add value, giving you good returns.

2. There is no shortcut in designing a kitchen

When you decide to design your kitchen, get the right expertise. Avoid gamblers in kitchen construction.

If possible use referrals, whose work has been seen and proved to be efficient. Never opt for cheap things like plastic equipment which are affordable at that time but have a short shelf life. Why go through that hassle?

3. Model your kitchen to suit the needs of the users

What is your passion in culinary skills? If you love baking, you need to make a shelf to cater for the never-ending baking accessories.

 If smoked meats never miss in your menu then invest in proper grills from Traeger with the right spacing to suit the work or still visit https://themeathouseblog.com/ for more tips on the best smokers in the market.

4. Consider basic kitchen requirements in the design process

A modern kitchen should have a refrigerator, a four or six burner among other kitchen appliances.

Most of them use electricity; you need to design your kitchen such that they all have spaces to fit up to the walls to prevent accidents in the kitchen.

Talk to your mason on the desired places you want the appliances to be fixed to avoid cluttering your kitchen.

As you strive to meet your kitchen goals, never bypass the mason rules. Some of them include

  • The cooking area should be against the window
  • The kitchen sinks should be on the outer wall
  • The lighting switches should be near the door
  • Practice the work triangle 
  • Avoid obstacles at the kitchen entry points

5. Avoid corners and doorways where possible

You don’t want to open the door only to be met by an obstacle. It means the size is small to a point you have to put things behind the kitchen doors.

If that is the scenario, then you need to opt for a kitchen door that opens away from the kitchen.

6. Have a focal point

What is it that is stunning about your kitchen? Is it the granitic worktops or the glass doors for the kitchen cabinets?

Have something unique that everyone, including you, feels amazed the moment you open the kitchen door.

The focal point is an area of focus where the eyes have a lasting look. It prevents the eyes from wavering to other parts of the kitchen.

It can even be a unique glass design placed on the upper shelves. Your eyes must rest somewhere in the kitchen to feel a sense of comfort, peace, and harmony.

7. Engage colour in small spaces

When you have a small kitchen space, then play around with colour and mirrors to create an illusion of wideness.

What message do you want to pass by choice of shade? Beach colours- light blue-gives a bright and airy look for the kitchen.

Who wants to work in a dull kitchen? No colour is best for the kitchen apart from the bright colours.

It brings happiness and joy within the cooking area. You don’t have to use all bright colours; still, you can blend with other colours too but let the bright colours outdo the rest.

8. Consider the toddlers and children

You might be designing a home now with your partner, what of toddlers who will come soon?

What of the friends and relatives with toddlers who will be visiting.

You don’t want your home to be the cause of accidents when you can avoid all that during the construction period. In case you choose tiles, check on the ones with a less slippery feeling.

The kitchen is a storage space, a dining area, and a resting room. Let it have enough space. If not, use upper surfaces for storage- it’s beyond the children’s reach.

Although people spend most of the time in the living room, the kitchen is the beginning of your stomach desires. Give it your all without thinking twice about the cost.