About Us


To inform and equip the public on the sensitive aspect of event planning, including event design, prop styling, and visual merchandising to spice events.


To become a leading site, they provide the latest trends and fashion styles in event planning and design.

About The Founder

My name is Michelle hawks, the founder of glitterandrye.com. I’m an event planner and event designer. I bring onboard information and knowledge in this industry to create a visual analytic event.

We focus on content and training that make you an upcoming event planner or designer to move your business faster to the following corporate level. Experts in the industry have a lot to learn through my experience.

 Partnerships with like-minded individuals equip you with the proper knowledge in the two core subjects and not forget visual merchandising and prop styling.

I have several awards in my name with the event design and planning category. My push to start this blog was inspired by several events that I have attended and seen mistakes in color combination, décor and styles.

This pushed me to educate and equip designers with knowledge and skills to bring out the best from their creative art skills as I also involve a touch of class in the event management industry.