How to Style Your Event Space to Reflect Your Brand

How to style your event space to reflect your brand If you’re looking to throw an event that is true to your brand, you’ll need to take a few things into consideration when styling your space. First and foremost, think about the overall vibe you want to create. From there, it’s all about choosing the […]

Trends in Event Design

Event design is constantly evolving, and new trends are always emerging. One of the latest trends is using unexpected materials to create unique and eye-catching displays. For example, instead of using traditional floral arrangements, event designers are now incorporating plants and even vegetables into their designs. Other materials that are being used more frequently include […]

What Tools Do Interior Designers Use?

Are you an interior designer? If so, then you know the importance of having a well-equipped toolbox. It’s important to have the right tools for every job and that means knowing what tools designers use in their work. We created this infographic to help you get started on your own toolkit.

10 ideas to become a better host

Hosting a party is no easy task. There are so many responsibilities and details to take care of, it’s hard not to worry about everything going wrong! But don’t let that stop you from giving the best possible experience for all your guests. Here are some ways as a host you can make sure everyone […]

8 Surprising Facts About Designing Your Kitchen

It’s the dream of every homeowner to have a glittery look of their kitchen. As you build, you may run short of funds and only opt to do basics to help you move in the house. While in it, you are now capable of designing your dream kitchen. Although the process is tiring, it’s rewarding at the […]

6 Artistic Tips to Decorating Your Home for a Glittery Look

Whether you own a modern or traditional home, decorate it creatively with art décor items for enhanced appearance. Decorate a full-fledged artistic style indoors or simply add a few things here and there for an artistic touch. Choose strategic places in your home to add the small Art Deco touches. You are ranging from hanging […]

The Art of Aluminum Welding: Why a Spool Gun Matters

Like all other professionals, welders continuously seek ways to improve their craft, and with each innovation comes a dozen arguments for and against it. Now, not everyone can see eye-to-eye on a particular welding method, but some techniques have too many benefits for welders to overlook. One of such game-changing techniques is MIG welding aluminum […]

Simple but Effective Work Out an Interior Designer Should try

It is possible for an interior designer to burry himself in the job to an extent he forgets about his health. Some of the interior design work is so complex that require time and maximum concentration. This should not be a hindrance to workout. The designer can just plan himself and have some workouts not […]

Can Interior Designers Lose Weight With Rowing Machine?

For an interior designer to perform better at work, just like any other professional, they have to be both mentally and physically fit. In that respect, an optimal weight level has to be maintained on their bodies in order for them to make flexible movements as they do their work. More so, their stress levels […]

Embroidery wear for Welders

One of the riskiest and dangerous jobs is welding. A single mistake can sometimes cause deterioration. For this, a welder has to take maximum security measures for his safety. A common problem for welders is fire as they work with extremely heated fire. So their dress has to be fireproof.In this case, embroidery dress will […]